Quiet Giants
Some of the wind turbines in the Magrath wind farm
Lost Mountain - Waterton Lakes National Park
The Snowshoe trail is one of the very few mountain bike trails in Waterton Lakes National Park but it is not without it's own great views!  Mount Bauerman is located in the background.
Cameron Falls - Waterton Lakes National Park
Cameron Falls - located in the town site of Waterton Lakes National Park draws thousands of visitors each year, however on this quiet winter day there was not a soul in site.  The red rocks underlying the falls is some of the oldest (1200 to 1500 million years old) exposed sedimentary rock in the world.
Red Rock View Point No. 1 - Waterton Lakes National Park
Effects of the Kenow wildfire in Waterton Lakes National Park at Red Rock Canyon View point No. 1
The Kenow wildfire swept through Waterton Lakes National Park in the fall of 2017 and burned 19,000 hectares (77 sq. mi.) in the park and 35,000 hectares (135 sq. mi.) in total before being brought under control.  The valiant effort of fire crews saved the town site and the iconic Prince Edward hotel.
Lundbreck Falls
Both falls
Both falls
East falls - colour
East falls - colour
(Left Photo) Lundbreck Falls is located in southern Alberta.  The falls drop approximately 12 meters. (about 39 ft.)  over two different sedimentary rock formations.
(Right Photo) The falls are the main show but the initials carved into the rocks along the right edge of the picture (also on the right) caught my eyes.  I wonder what has become of A&R?
The Haleakala Crater  (photos 1-3 left to right) rises over 10,000 feet above the coastal towns that surround it and formed more than 75% of the land mass of Maui.
Photo 1 (far left) is taken from the rim of the dormant caldera.  Photo 2 highlights the trails that lead down to the caldera.  Photo 3 was taken from the south side of the volcano and highlights a very different ecosystem from the rain forest we just left.  The striking contrast between the vegetation and black volcanic rock is what caught my eyes in Photo 4 (far right).

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